Frequently Asked Questions



Can I nominate myself for a category?

An artist must receive at least 3 nominations to be considered eligible for voting. Yes, the artist can nominate themselves.

Is this awards show for Louisiana only?

No, We are now open to all 50 States and any gospel artist that has at least a single released is eligible for nomination (*In applicable categories).

How do I nominate an artist?

Fill out the information  under “Nomination Form” and complete and click “Submit” (*”Nomination Form” will be open Dec 9, 2018- until February 4, 2019)

How many categories are there?

There are 25 categories eligible for nomination.

When does nomination open?

Nominations are open from December 9, 2018 until February 4 2019.

Can an artist win more than 1 award?


Does album being submitted have to be on digital media outlet?

It is highly recommended that the record have a digital media outlet platform where the music can be located..